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Monetalis numismatic company

Welcome to Monetalis website!

Monetalis LLC is a Croatian numismatic company located in Kastav (near Rijeka), Croatia. Our main activities are: buying and selling coins, banknotes, bonds, orders, decorations and militaria items; identification and assessment of numismatic items; intermediation in selling of numismatic items; coins and medals production and numismatic consulting.


Online numismatic store

You can see our coins, banknotes and militaria offer on our selling website.


Buying of coins, banknotes and militaria items

We constantly buy coins, banknotes, bonds, orders and decorations, medals and militaria items. If you have something to offer us, please send us images on e-mail or Facebook.


Numismatic items assessment

We perofrm assessment of coins and banknotes individually and assessment of numismatic collections. If you want to know the value of your coin or your collection, please contact us.


Coins and medals production

We produce custom coins and medals in cooperation with our business partners. We are able to produce any kind of coins, medals and tokens in many shapes, sizes and metals. If you need more information, please contact us.



You can contact us freely in any time on:

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  • telephone: +385 (0)95 858 6377
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